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RACE DATE: Saturday 7.00AM, APRIL 8, 2023

The Ultra Marathon Australia Event


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Dead Cow Gully is no ordinary running event. It’s not just a race, it’s the ultimate measure of human endurance.  Where is YOUR limit? Is it 5 or 15 loops? Is it 24 or 100 loops? The only sure thing about Dead Cow Gully, is the clock doesn’t stop until the last one is standing. Situated on a cattle property in Nanango Queensland, Dead Cow Gully is in a league of its own. You’re running on a 6th generation family property that the Walsh Family has called home for 150 years. The 6.7km course will take you through stockyards, grasslands, gullies and gumtrees, and you’ll be running alongside our cattle in the surrounding paddocks (they only charge at runners who fail to complete 3 loops).


The race format of a Backyard Ultra is quite simple. You have to run a 6.7km loop within the hour, every hour, until there is only one race participant left. Runners drop out of the race for 3 main reasons;